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January 16, 2013


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Stephanie SassyModernMom

LOL Men. I swear if they could just slow down and smell those roses sometimes they woule be so much better off :)

Masked Mom

This could so easily be me and mine. Not that I could get mine to go to a Kenny concert. He dismisses 98% of country music as "twang" and refuses to sit still for it.

Regarding Kenny--I am a closet Kenny fan from way back. He had this song (which I'm not sure was ever realeased as a single) called "Scarlet Fever" about a hapless fool who falls in love with a stripper. I've always had a real soft spot for that song and recently put it on a mixed CD I was listening to while baking one Saturday afternoon. Here comes 18-year-old Daughter Only and she says indignantly, "Mom! This is a song about a pedophile!" I start to sputter and deny and then she sings back to me this line: "She looked twenty-five but I was told she was just 16." Hmmmph. I had to admit she was a teeny bit right. She took no end of delight in that, let me tell you.


Oh man, if Kenny can't bring out the romance in your husband, WHO CAN? It's tragic.


I love Kenny. I grew up listening to Kenny. He's still got it (though why did he have to tweak his face so?).

I'd try again for that kiss tonight, you know, after your husband's phone falls into the toilet...wink, wink.

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